Our Handcrafted Decorative Designer’s Soap – Your Brand.

Now you can offer your customers a high quality Handcrafted Decorative Designer’s Soap that your customers will love. Our factory provides you with a variety of private label / white label / wholesale soap products. Choose from our pre-existing decorative soaps or create (with our assistance) your own unique custom soap designs, with your own choice of color, scent, shape and decorations.


Zero % Calories, 100% Skin Care !


It’s All About Soap Ideas

We work on our soap-making techniques to keep them on the front edge of the industry.

It all starts with a brilliant soap idea: the insight that will unlock your brand’s full potential.

We provide you with the ultimate comfort in your soap branding and coziness you desire in getting the exact designed decorative soap that matches your brand identity, combining it with the unique decorative soap design that will exactly match your needs.

We will take care of making your soap products offering the most peaceful and desirable brand offerings expansion in the world for you, and be sure: we will make the soaps you choose to be the most unique and individual offerings to your customers.


Exclusive Soap Design

We know how to find the unique way to design impressive and outstanding decorative soap.

The handmade soap design developing is an interesting, yet a very detailed and complicated process, designer’s soap making requires the attention, patience, soap making professional skills and adaptation to individual recognizable style.

We already have a large collection of designs you can choose from and adopt to your own brand image, using different different colors, scents, shapes and decorations. In addition, we can adapt to each need or idea that you may have and incorporate it into the decorative soap design of your desire.

Our expert soap specialists will find the right soap fit approach to any client, even to the most demanding ones.


Step By Step

Developing custom designer’s soap projects requires the closest attention to each detail.

You shouldn’t think that good sense of the style and fine artistic taste would be enough to prepare and develop a professional decorative soap product.

In soap-making, you need to have the soap ingredients know-how and reach vast soap making and production experience in real life and in large scale.

Thanks to our factory’s ISO 22716 certified state-of-the-art products manufacturing capabilities, extensive soap formulas, and highly personalized client relationships, our private label designers soap service is the perfect avenue to optimize your time-to-market and ensure your soap products are never outmoded or jeopardized in their quality.

we bring you the ultimate sales magnet – Handcrafted Decorative Designer’s Soap Products


These hand crafted decorative soap products are like a huge customers magnet to your point of sales and your brand, people will see them from a distance and come over voluntarily to check them out due to the pleasing designs, shapes, colors and scents, It gives an immediate, automatic sales boost to any point-of-sales, either as a sale of these soap products, as a cross-sale to other products you may have, or as an up-sale to any existing sale that you make, in any case, the end result for you is additional revenues and brand awareness, with all of your potential customers lining up in a queue – just to get them for themselves and their dear ones.

Handcrafted Soap – Doing Things Right

Brilliant Performance

Brilliant Performance

Our soap specialists work on each and every design soap project, demonstrating the advantages of the individual soap designing approach.
We don’t doubt that you will fully appreciate the quality of our custom soap designing and production work.

Unbeatable Skills

Unbeatable Skills

Our design and production team is a big and friendly expert staff consisting of soap professionals of the highest level and huge soap making geeks. Our handmade and custom design soap skills and small to large scale production abilities brought us dozens of international awards and nominations.

Amazing Results

Amazing Results

Results come from lots of inspiration, experience, fine and detailed execution and the ability to excel at the entire production cycle and producing the best-of-breed soap product on the market. At the end, full satisfaction of the client who represent the brand and it’s needs – is our entire team desire.


Creative Minds

Creative Minds

We have expert soap designers who are responsible for the soap creative work. They are always full of inspiring soap design ideas.

Multiple Awards

Multiple Awards

We are the prize winners of many soap competitions. That is not accident – take a look at our amazing soap products!

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

No matter what is your brand identity, the most important for us, is to find a possibility to create something really new and special.

Regulatory Technical

Regulatory Technical

Our regulatory Team provides the expertise needed to bring a soap product to market in today’s global world. We stay on top of the evolving soap industry and global regulations to ensure compliance.
We are Active member of PCPC’s International Committee, Participant of PCPC’s Legal and Regulatory Conference, Subscriber to PCPC’s On-Line Info-Base and International Cosmetic Legal and Regulatory Database, have a proprietary database to manage customer specific ingredient restrictions, we are strict on formula compliance and documentation and are experts in EU dossier preparation.
Our uncompromising commitment to soap quality ensures the formulas we develop and the products we manufacture are robust and will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
We use an In-house Quality Assurance, Analytical and Micro Laboratories, Brand new, state-of-the-art, laboratories, Validated stability protocol for developed formulas, Remote monitoring of manufacturing and production, Stability program management, Validated processes and methods to ensure reproducible results and Marketed product stability

Worldwide Certifications

Worldwide Certifications

Our factory upholds the highest standards of Quality Control.
Our products are supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Health Pharmacy Division.
The company’s quality control systems are certified by FDA -GMP International Standards, ISO 9002. These standards control the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to the delivery of the finished products. Our products are not tested on animals.
we are dedicated to producing highly effective soaps, which are clinically-validated skincare products that deliver dramatic physiological improvements to the skin.

Our skin is composed of two main layers: the epidermis and the dermis. In addition to being the largest organ of the body, the skin is also one of the most important, protecting the rest of the body from the outside environment.
In order to create soap skincare solutions that work effectively, we use precise chemical formulation, extensive knowledge of soap and it’s dermatological biochemistry effects, and the highest-grade soap ingredients available. We are committed to incorporating this highest level of clinical soap validation in all of our soap products.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our full time soap chemists operate a state-of-the-art in-house soap laboratory, allowing us to conduct the majority of our soap-making Research and Development on site. This greatly contributes towards an expedited soaps manufacturing time, thanks to convenient testing and soap formulation development.Our chemists utilize a vast collection of authoritative and innovative soap resources to conduct research. Information sharing on soap’s Raw Material Technical Data, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Clinical Data is provided through our vendors and our close relationship with their own laboratories. We also utilize many online references, academic references, and clinical sources.Our soap lab gathers detailed scientific knowledge on raw soap materials and their effectiveness, in order to improve and expand our decorative soap product lines and formulations. All development processes are assigned lab numbers and undergo systematic testing of various actives and ingredient interaction. Soap samples are often provided to client focus panels for assessment, resulting in higher quality soap products, safer formulations, and competitive soap pricing.

You can keep up with our newest offerings, cool new soap ideas and many of our new soap design inventions – just follow us on social media.

Your Style, Our Passion

We know you never can’t judge a book by its cover, but we highly believe that having soap products that look every bit as good as they perform for your skin care is important. When we create your custom design soap products, we want them to be something you’ll love to soap with, affordable soap creations, well designed soap products that fit to your everyday needs along with style to your own life.
We produce from soap-making innovative and safer soap formulations through to environmentally responsible and friendly packaging. It’s the attention to detail you’ll appreciate, while your own clients will appreciate the final soap product they get.


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